Networking: How It Comes Naturally & Why It Matters


By Keven Dronen

The dreaded and often fear-inducing word “networking” gets thrown around on a regular basis. If you have recently found yourself in a job transition, you’ve probably heard your career coach start every other sentence with the “Power of Networking” chant. He or she likely encouraged you to spend the highest percentage of your job-seeking time on networking rather than online postings and recruiters, because statistically most job connections are created through networking.

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Tackle Your Job Search with Confidence by Focusing on Your Actions

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Skyping for Jobs: 5 Steps to Mastering the Virtual Interview

Increasingly, more employers are using webcam technology to interview potential candidates. Large companies can use this process to quickly screen a high volume of applicants, and remote companies can conduct more in-depth interviews without having to fly a prospective candidate to their location. Services like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom are now commonly used as part of the interview process, and in some cases, you may even be asked to record responses to pre-recorded questions. This process can be a bit disorienting for applicants used to traditional in-person interviewing. To ensure success, you’ll want to find ways to make yourself more comfortable conducting an interview via webcam. Here are some tips for getting the hang of virtual interviewing:

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2017 LinkedIn Redesign: What's Changed for Job Seekers

LinkedIn recently rolled out the largest redesign of their desktop platform in the site's history.

After realizing that more and more users were accessing LinkedIn via the mobile app, the company made significant changes to streamline the desktop version of the site to make it more consistent with the mobile app experience. Here are some of the key changes you'll need to know about as a job seeker:

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The ABC's of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Search

Starting a job search? LinkedIn is no longer optional—it's a necessary job search tool in today's market.

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